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Certent’s cloud-based solution gives you greater control of your financial reporting process and eliminates manual processes reducing risk and improving efficiency.



Certent’s comprehensive cloud-based internal and external reporting solution helps you:

Integrate: directly to data sources - Leverage optimal continuous accounting best practices, maintain one version of the financial truth, and link data through to Microsoft® products

Collaborate: seamlessly with your team - Control access, coordinate reviews and approvals, and capture the audit trail

Disclose: financial reports externally and internally - File regulatory compliant submissions, including XBRL, inline XBRL, and generate board presentations in PowerPoint®

Features include:

Regulatory compliance across the globe including: IFRS, ESMA, EIOPA, COREP/FINREP, Solvency II, GRI, and more

Direct connection with existing data sources such as Excel®, General Ledger, or Consolidation solutions, to ensure accuracy and consistency

Native integration with Microsoft Office®, so you can create internal and external reports in applications you’re familiar with

Full audit trail capabilities to easily track who made what changes and when they occurred

Version control and permission features to reduce risk around report inaccuracies

Automated workflow to roll reports forward period over period, saving time and reducing stress in the financial reporting cycle

With Certent, you're not alone.

Our global team of financial reporting experts will support you in all aspects of internal performance reporting and regulatory financial disclosures and every service plan includes access to these valuable resources who work side by side with you inside your document.

We set you off on the right foot with the most comprehensive implementation services of any disclosure management solution provider.

Now that we have the solution in place, we’re seeing opportunities to use it in other areas of the business. The more time we can give back to our analysts to do real analysis, rather than just crunching numbers, the more value we can add to the business.

Gail B.
Head of Group Reporting

About Certent

Certent, Inc. is a leading provider of software and services for equity compensation and financial disclosure management and reporting. Founded in 2002, Certent serves more than 2,400 public, private, and pre-IPO companies with innovative stock plan management, regulatory compliance and reporting technology. With five global offices, Certent delivers confidence across mission-critical finance and HR processes.

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