Join us January 24, 2019 at 11 AM PT to learn strategies for an IPO when it comes to your stock based compensation

Part II of our Equity Series: Prepping for a successful IPO. In this session you will get the in and outs of the SEC rules and regulations. What you can expect, some things to avoid, and how to get through your filings with ease.

You are invited to join Don Gillotti, CEP, Senior VP, Certent and Jennifer Baehr, CEP, Director, Certent in our webinar on Thursday, January 24th at 11:00 am Pacific.




Meet The Experts

Don Gillotti, CEP, is the Senior Vice President of Sales and Alliances for Certent’s Equity Management business. Don has held sales, marketing, and management positions for over 25 years with a focus on equity compensation since starting with CMS in 1999. He has held the Certified Equity Professional designation for over 5 years, is a member of the Global Equity Organization, and has been a member of the board of the Connecticut chapter of the National Association of Stock Plan Professionals for over 9 years. Don holds a BS in Accounting from the University of Connecticut and earned his MBA from Quinnipiac University..

Jennifer Baehr, CEP, is the Director of Sales Engineering at Certent. She works with the sales team to support prospective clients’ requests. Jen started in the industry in 2000. Prior to joining Certent she was the Programs Director at the NASPP. During her career she has worked in several areas including: consulting, training, product strategy and product management.

Together, we’re in it to win it.

"My favorite feature of the platform is the reports. Being able to pull up a report when requested by HR or finance and handing it off and knowing it's accurate. The biggest benefit with the platform is accuracy, time management and the support.

- Lorna Gunderman.,
Black Hills Corporation

"We cannot live without Participant Portal. The Participant Portal has helped our employees so much, they can run the reports that they need. It's so user friendly, we can't go back. We have seen a huge reduction in time using Certent, it has helped us be more effective and efficient with our time."

- Jamie Hinrichs.,
Valmont Industries

"The accuracy of the Grant Administration and the financial reporting aspect gives us access to information we didnt have with other solutions. The system has freed me up to be more strategic."

- Terry Tansill.,

 The Certent platform allowed our accounting team to save time in accounting calculations, improve the integrity of the equity plan data, and satisfy employee communication needs in a more streamlined fashion. Best of all, we are well-positioned, in the scenario of another tender offer or IPO, to select and integrate with our preferred broker and transfer agent.

Nancy B.
Director of Accounting, U.S. 
Controller, SurveyMonkey