Learn strategies you can implement today that will extend the value of CDM and standardize your reporting process.

External reporting requirements and regulatory mandates are typically the impetus for companies to invest in solutions to support their reporting processes, but companies generally fail to recognize the value beyond simply complying.

With the right solution, there is a strategic way to scale beyond that narrow agenda to standardize and operationalize your reporting process across all departments – both internal and external.

In this 60-minute session, you’ll see how you can:

  • Standardize and automate your internal reporting (board books, management reporting) leveraging your existing external reporting process
  • Elevate the collaborative and control aspects of your reporting cycles with workflow and report level validation rules
  • Eliminate static report output challenges by flowing source data directly into PowerPoint for real-time slide updates
  • Elevate the quality of your narrative in your external reports by incorporating disclosure research best practices into your reporting cycle

Webinar Recording


Meet The Expert: Kevin Beckberger

Kevin is the Vice President of Worldwide Solutions Engineering at Certent. With over 18 years of experience in financial and accounting software Kevin has delivered enterprise solutions to numerous organizations across the globe. As the Vice President of Worldwide Solution Engineering and an expert in the disclosure management space, Kevin is committed to helping others increase efficiency and control while reducing risk through automating internal and external and internal reporting processes. In addition to his dedicated ability to provide companies with financial reporting solutions, Kevin equips his customers with the means to create higher quality internal and external disclosures so they report in line with best practices and experience return on investment through business growth, regulatory compliance and investor satisfaction.

Together, we’re in it to win it.

"Certent DisclosureNet gives us enormous research power in one place with a very easy search mechanism and interface. With one click, we’ve got all the power that comes with access to a vast database of information."

- Sandy B.,
Grant Thornton LLP

"Certent DisclosureNet is a robust, comprehensive and indispensable tool in our accounting research. As a result of using Certent DisclosureNet, Agrium’s financial statements are at the leading edge of financial reporting and our productivity for producing filings has increased by over 50%."

- Malcolm M.,
Agrium, Inc.

"The online training and support provided by the Certent team is excellent! It’s great to put a face to the product and know that I can count on them to help."

- Eric V.,
Alta Gas

Now that we have implemented Certent, we have a much more efficient process to update tables in the document immediately and can utilize multi user performance. For someone considering Certent, the customer service level is what sets them apart.

Elliott B.
Director of Financial Reporting
LifePoint Health